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Introduction for kellylynn444

Hello, my name is Kelly Knight. I have an associates degree in accounting and have worked in that field for 14 years. I love to write children's stories and I recently just signed up with a publisher to have my first book published. Within a few months my first book will be published and I will be officially a published Author. I work closely with a friend who is illustrating all of my books and I look forward to many more books being published. We are working as a team and the process has been a lot of fun. I also enjoy writing about recipes, especially desserts and all the fun activities my friends and I do. I hope everyone will enjoy what I have to offer.

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vserrao1 wrote on August 10, 2014, 10:39 PM

Congratulations on that book. Let us know when it gets published. Nice to meet you.

paigea wrote on August 10, 2014, 10:51 PM

Welcome to PP. I hope you will enjoy it. That is amazing that you are having a book published.

Scorpie wrote on August 11, 2014, 1:13 PM

I can't wait to see how you do. I'm not a child but I do get frequently accused of being one.

suffolkjason wrote on August 11, 2014, 3:06 PM

Shall we start a writing accountants union?

BarbRad wrote on August 19, 2014, 12:07 AM

Welcome. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I do. I've always toyed with the idea of writing children's books, but never had an idea worth writing in that vein yet. Hope you'll be posting a lot to this site.

allen0187 wrote on August 22, 2014, 10:17 PM

Welcome to the site and looking forward to reading bits and pieces of your children's stories!

ashuli wrote on October 10, 2014, 6:50 AM

Hi there ! I am happy to start following you to read all of your new posts and know more about you through your writings... :)

BarbRad wrote on October 17, 2014, 1:00 PM

Great news about the book. I still love reading children's books, especially picture books.