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Site Updates - May 3rd 2014

Hey everyone! I know, it hasn't even been 24 hours and we are already making improvements to the site! This is a development style that fits the age we live in, called rapid application development ( or RAD ). We want to strive to bring our members constant updates and enhanced features so we can stand apart from everyone else. Be sure to keep track of the tag for details as I will use this in each post.

The first enhancement is we have changed the search engine at the top. So when you search for a term now, it will not only search for posts but also search for members. So if you search for "ash" you will find my profile :) This is helpful if you are looking for someone in particular.

I have also created a simple page to layout the specific details on the requirements of a post. You can find this in the navigation bar at the top, always handy for reference. Please visit and familiarize yourself with the rules before posting.

Finally, I want to demonstrate a feature that we have not really documented else where (yet). Not only can you tag a post by using the hash symbol followed by the tag. A tag can consist of any alphanumeric character, plus a dash, dot or underscore. You can also tag users in your posts. So for instance, if I wanted to tag our newest member cruisincrazy then I only need to prefix that username with an ampersand.

We look forward to even more enhancements in the near future. As always we welcome your feedback.

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