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Using my time constructively

since I am unable to do much more than sit on the sofa just now with my sore back I thought it was a... click for more

I don't know what to do

I am off work yet again with my sore back. I have been off work far too much this last year, in fact... click for more

That old man in the mirror looks familiar.

Standing in front of the medicine cabinet mirror looking back at my self I pause to reflect on all t... click for more

Will you be watching? The next President of these United States of America will be sworn in on Friday, January 20, 2017.

Will you be watching television when Donald Trump takes the oath of office? I will but ... I will h... click for more

Don't take your teeth for granted. They need loving attention every day of your life.

Brush your teeth, if you are lucky to have them. Yes, I have lost many of mine over the years. At 5... click for more

Disney World

Lately my eldest has been talking about travelling. I have a friend in Scotland, who my eldest has s... click for more

Have You Tried Different Sites?

I haven't published post for 1 year and 6 months here. Even before the "shut down" announcement. I t... click for more

Unfortunately this is not shocking

I came home from nightshift a few hours ago (I could only sleep for an hour or two so I can cycle ba... click for more

An Overview of Twitter Marketing

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you already know that Twitter is the mega-popular mic... click for more

How to Use WordPress to Generate Leads

Many business owners are unaware of the potential that WordPress-designed sites offer for marketing ... click for more

Benefits of Heat Treated Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are affordable, recyclable, and repairable. This makes them a leading choice for a va... click for more

Posting An Article After Eight Months. has been a while since I posted .Some time back when I visited here,there were ... click for more

Canon Vixia HF G30 Camcorder

My Favorite Video Camera - Canon HF G30   Actually, it's my first and ONLY video camera. In... click for more

New article for a new year of 2017.

Hello there to all you members still active on this site. I'm sure no one really remembers me on her... click for more

Is Persona Paper Participating in Pay Out Programs Again?

I have not written for Persona Paper in a long while since it was announced that the web page was go... click for more

Chaos, mayhem and madness!

SO THAT'S ANOTHER one over then. Another family Christmas of presents galore and happy times watchin... click for more

Happy Holidays

Today is Christmas Day. I just wanted to the time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, for those cele... click for more

MLT Revolution

In the midst of the opioid prescribing and overdose epidemic in pain care http://personapaper.c... click for more

The mentally challenged did not let me down

We had that Christmas party for the mentally challenged yesterday.  Everything went off as plan... click for more

Amazon Drone delivered first package in UK

December 7th 2016 A drone, operating autonomously, took off from an Amazon fulfilment centre in the... click for more

More travel

I'd so love to do more traveling. There are so many places that I would like to visit and see. So ma... click for more

Find time to write at PersonaPaper

As I observed in my wall here. Only few are writing an article. Some of the writers posted in my... click for more

I must remember that Persona Paper only needs 500 characters

Being away from #Persona-Paper for so long I have lost touch with it. I am into writing blogs that d... click for more

Christmas party in my Graduate Studies

I just want to share the events that I attended last Saturday. Every Saturday, my dayoff in my wo... click for more

Examination is already done

My Bachelor of Library and Information Science students were already done in taking their preliminar... click for more

Christmas is round the corner

As usual I am engrossed in organising an event and this time for the mentally challenged  I hav... click for more

A Touch Of Spring

Dream Warm especially if you happen to be somewhere that is cold and you have the shivers ~~ pe... click for more

Ha, Finally Heard It Was Back

Boy am I glad Persona Paper didn't completely shut down. It seemed like it just wasn't gaining much ... click for more

Tips to improve your Health and Lifestyle -1

Tomatoes widely used in Indian cuisine are loaded with potassium. It maintains the cardio-vascular... click for more

John Glenn Astronaut Dies

John Glenn has died aged 95. He was  the first American astronaut to orbit the earth (two Russ... click for more

The Decoded Website -- Will You Contribute?

OK. I know this is Persona Paper. And I'm hoping it will be bought out, become owned and operated by... click for more

Nworld Products

i have an amazing experience using the nworld products made from korean.  When I was asked to ... click for more

I Just Quit Niume and Now (Once Again) Persona Paper

Well, I found Niume was not sufficiently worth the effort and especially the time required. I don't ... click for more

Just a check in.

Hello and Good morning. I haven't been around for awhile so I have no idea what has been going on h... click for more

Love Hummus But Hate Lemon Juice? Try These Alternatives!

Hummus is one of my favorites but I’m not overly fond of lemon juice. Unfortunately, many peop... click for more

Three Ideas for Displaying Embroidery in Your Home

Embroidery is more than a hobby to pass the time. This form of art is a wonderful way to add visual ... click for more

Musings for Friday, October 14, 2016

Hi there, fellow Persona Paper authors and, yes, Gentle Reader. It's been a quiet Friday here in my ... click for more

Facebook thinks I'm a dodgy character!

NO, REALLY, THEY DO! Some of you will know that I am active on a couple of Facebook Groups which sha... click for more

Musings for Thursday, October 13, 2016

Well, it's another hot day in my part of the Sunshine State. As I write this, the temperature outsid... click for more

Dimethylsulfoxide - DMSO: Curative or Quackery?

During the 1960s and until today, the simple, relative non-toxic chemical solvent DMSO or dimethylsu... click for more


I recently joined and I must say I am enjoying the site very much.   What are Spher... click for more

Conservations during Male Violence

Bad Dads make a Girl Mad.   Thinking; looking at the orange-navy-cream-sky. Overhead, once m... click for more

Do You Sleep With a Dolly

Dolls have a special place in the heart of my daughter. She is above 18 yet she cannot sleep without... click for more

Musings for Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's another hot September afternoon here in the Sunshine State. As I write this, the temperature ou... click for more