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Semi homemade brownies

I made these brownies, They are delicious!! the figs bring the chocolate flavor out. one box chocol... click for more

Blown away by the winds of Time?

You can walk but you can't run. Now that I have passed 60 and pushing on to my next year, I find th... click for more

How to Show You're a Freelance Writer (When You Have No Experience)

  Start a Blog. This is the simplest way to get your writing online and one that can help you ... click for more

How To Annoy A Breast Feeding Mother

Health Visitor Checks On Babies In the UK, health visitors call on new mothers in their homes at re... click for more

Waiting for the professor

MY LAST POST was about to a visit to a museum in Glasgow where I met 'Dippy the Diplodocus'. We... click for more

If there is light in the soul

My wife was reading some of her manuscripts and poems and other writings and she brought this partic... click for more


happy Sunday to you all... my dog passed a year ago I miss her so much well, I recently got ano... click for more

A Media "Duh" Moment in the News

When life comes at you fast and furious, you can act befuddled. This can happen to anyone. Well the... click for more

So Happy with My Fitbit Fitness Tracker!

I have a fairly sedentary job that involves sitting at a desk almost all day from 8am to 5pm. It had... click for more

A car should have enough space in the trunk to put a wheel chair in just in case.

Not all cars have lots of trunk space. When going shopping, people need a place to put their grocer... click for more

My FAVORITE Day of the Year - March 1st

Ah, when I was young. I loved each of the four seasons. I loved Spring because of the beautiful, lon... click for more

Wish You Had Never Started

Did You Ever Wish That? That you had never started something? While I didn't start it, I certainly ... click for more

The Tiny Terror And The Wine Bar

Holiday The tiny terror is abroad on holiday with her family at the minute, all having a great time... click for more

Out of the Mouth of Babes - My Grandson

Before I begin, let me point out the original usage of those words... Although Jesus quoted them to... click for more

He's a big boy!

AND I FOR one wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night - or even a brightly lit night come to think... click for more

I am back!!

Hello Dearies, I am back after a long gap. Once I had learnt that this site is closing do... click for more

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Hey there, everyone. I'm sorry I haven't been around as much. I hope you're all doing well.I've been... click for more


I am so thankful that I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I am so thankful for the gift that is this day... click for more

Hey, I'm Still Kickin'.....

Heyyy there, everyone. I didn't forget about Persona Paper. I've just been busy with other things, b... click for more

cold to warm

I live in a cold state and it has been very cold. I would say brutal. but this Thursday till Sa... click for more

Airbnb and the Rental Crisis: Nefarious Agenda of Sharing Economy

  Video:   While Uber and Lyft destroy the taxi ind... click for more

What strange foods have you eaten?

MY ELDEST SON (my Wingman of my hillwalking adventures) is just back from a business trip to Pa... click for more

Some Random Life Updates....

Heyyy, I hope everyone has been doing well. I'm sorry I haven't been around as much, I've just been ... click for more

Relaxing Week--Almost

Hey all, I have some free time, so I thought I would pop in. I wasn't planning to take any time off ... click for more

Getting Ready

Who is ready for the coming holidays?  I cannot believe that there are only a few weeks before ... click for more

Diet is Die With a T

Have you ever noticed that the minute you decide to go on a diet you instantly feel as though you ar... click for more

Clicker Games and Capitalism

No one would bat an eye at the notion that the state of the mobile video gaming industry is kind of ... click for more

Writing Ideas

I had an idea right before everyone it seemed was leaving personapaper due to business issues. I was... click for more

Stuart Little (a book review)

The children's book 'Stuart Little' written by E. B. White is all about a small mouse by the name of... click for more

Discovering the Importance of Gut Health & Chiropractics

After discussing my husband's concerns about Medicare Plans for 2020, we talked about natural health... click for more

It's the Medicare Supplement Time of Year Again

My husband is a disabled veteran who is over 65 with a variety of health issues. Today we received a... click for more

A come Back with some New online Earning Ideas to Share with my Persona Paper Friends

Just like the Biblical prodigal son, I am back with a bang. May someone say, "welcome back!" Don't ... click for more

Duolingo Releases Two New Language Courses

Yesterday, for Indigenous People's Day (Columbus Day, as it's better known), Duolingo released two n... click for more