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I get more interactions over the telephone than with social media and don't get paid to just talk.

The other site I write at pays for interactions, but doesn't actually pay for a post. It was broug... click for more

Would You Enjoy a Steaming Hot Kettle of Pepper Pot Soup?

Soup. It can be more than the sum of its parts. There are few better soups than Scotch Broth and Pep... click for more

Time to stop and think about things a bit more

I can go to YouTube and just type, 'Hurricane Maria' and I will get so many suggested videos that I ... click for more

Blended Writing Like Blended Whiskey

Most of us like to read, even if it's only while we sit on the commode! Which brings up the fact tha... click for more

Diabetes - Don't Do as My Friend Did

My friend is a sweet old guy. He found earlier in life that he had diabetes. But he always had this ... click for more

New glasses today

I went to get my new glasses, bifocals in fact. The new eye glasses were made so I can drive and se... click for more

Cheese on toast

EARLIER TONIGHT Mrs Kasman asked me to make cheese on toast for her supper. This is one of her ... click for more

And They Wonder Why This Is Happening

Epidemic The news is full of it. We are told it has reached epidemic proportions and that "Somethin... click for more

Lucky Day

Based loosely on a true story. Names have been changed to protect the guilty! This could probably be... click for more

Rory's dinosaur

HE'S TURNING OUT to be a budding artist! Rory, our grandson (3½), loves drawing and pain... click for more

Do You Like Quizzes?

Quizzes used to frighten me. Mainly because whenever I heard the word “quiz” it was prec... click for more

Annual leave again

I am now well into the second week of my annual leave and I haven't stopped! You all know I like to... click for more

Trauma Blog #5: Happy Birthday

It's been a couple weeks since I posted my last blog. This is part of my process. After four blogs ... click for more

Sick as a dog!

LOOK, IT WASN'T really my fault! I'm a puppy and I do puppy things so if someone carelessly lea... click for more

Another event tomorrow

Although I am now officially on holiday from the day job, my business is busier than ever! I have an... click for more

Google Banned Me for Life with AdWords

Well, I started Blogging on Blogspot a lot in the last four months after having the account open for... click for more

Aug 2017 Working From Home ... The Adventures Continue

Updating the reports on my work at home projects.   Sorry to report on this but I can't share... click for more

Christmas market

I have just booked my first Christmas market stall of the year! Where has this year gone that we are... click for more

Trauma Blog #4: Moving Forward

While dealing with trauma I came to a point where I realized it was necessary for me to move beyond ... click for more

The 2017 Toyota Camry Has a Painful Design Flaw

(That picture is not of a Camry, in case you didn't know. Read on and you'll get it.) I recently ha... click for more

The Four Bears

A Tiny Terror Story Once upon a time, there were four bears, Daddy bear, Mummy bear, Little bear an... click for more

Dreams Are Good Things

I was a kid of 6 when I woke up from a "bad dream". When my mom came to my room to see why I was cry... click for more

Trauma Blog #3: Confronting Violence

With trauma there often are memories of violence; living through violence can change your life outlo... click for more


There are many tales of bravery attributed to several American presidents but the one that tops the ... click for more

Persona Paper Is Contageous

Hi, I,m absolutely thrilled to post an article on this tremendously #transparent site. I have come f... click for more

Won't be going to bed late

I will definitely be going to bed early tonight. I am just that tired. I didn't sleep well last nigh... click for more

My Work at Home Projects – Social Discussion Forums That Pay

Want to shine the spotlight on two forums that are showing monetary results. Following up on my prev... click for more