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If you could buy a cell phone from a vending machine would you do it, if the price was affordable?

They put practically everything in vending machines, even beer in some countries and even in some US... click for more

If you like to blog, you will want to make sure you avoid those Negative SEOs

Search Engine Optimization SEO is what this is called. It is important to understand the facts that... click for more

Are you a potential victim of the latest KRACK ATTACK?

The latest evidence of WiFi attacks by KRACK is making us all nervous.   3 Days ago the news ... click for more

Been away for a while

I realized that I hadn't been here in such a long time. A little too long. I was hoping that I would... click for more

My superhero breeks!

I HAVE NEVER really been a follower of fashion but even I can tell that these lurid trousers ar... click for more

How Do YOU Use Facebook?

Facebook and other social media sites have grabbed the attention of nearly every facet of Society. I... click for more

Shocking Outcome of Taking Down a Dead White Pine?

Behind our house, on a kind of ridge within falling range of our house and cars, stood this humongou... click for more

Woe is me!

YOU CAN PROBABLYtell from my woeful expression that I'm not too happy. That's an understatement... click for more

Writing Sites: My Lot

Well, I write. It's one of the few things I can still do! Besides, I enjoy putting together a techni... click for more

The Tiny Terror And The Muddy Garden

One day last week, I was asked to look after 2 of my grandchildren unexpectedly at their own home. I... click for more

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging PersonaPaper is an article website. It covers a great many topics but at present, it... click for more

Anchors aweigh!

YO HO HO and a bottle of rum! Mrs Kasman and I went all nautical on this year's holiday trip to... click for more

How do you find time to do what you like to do?

Maybe the question is I'm always trying to learn new things, try new things, make something differen... click for more

Dora Miller: A Union Girl In The South During the Civil War

In 1860 Dora Miller was a young lady living in New Orleans, Louisiana. But though she was surrounded... click for more


A millennial is defined as anyone born between 1981 and 1997, we are also known as 'Generation Y'. G... click for more

Bubblews Lives!

I just read Vince Summers' article Let's Be Real and Give Bubblews Its Due, and it reminded me of a ... click for more

Not A Titter O Wit

Have You Heard Of This? I don't know whether others would know what "A Titter Of Wit" means or whet... click for more

Is It Worth The Effort To Write More Here?

It seems that the era of the blog sites that actually pay you anything for your writing is over.&nbs... click for more

Do You Like Quizzes?

Quizzes used to frighten me. Mainly because whenever I heard the word “quiz” it was prec... click for more

Annual leave again

I am now well into the second week of my annual leave and I haven't stopped! You all know I like to... click for more

Trauma Blog #5: Happy Birthday

It's been a couple weeks since I posted my last blog. This is part of my process. After four blogs ... click for more

Another event tomorrow

Although I am now officially on holiday from the day job, my business is busier than ever! I have an... click for more

Google Banned Me for Life with AdWords

Well, I started Blogging on Blogspot a lot in the last four months after having the account open for... click for more

Aug 2017 Working From Home ... The Adventures Continue

Updating the reports on my work at home projects.   Sorry to report on this but I can't share... click for more

Trauma Blog #4: Moving Forward

While dealing with trauma I came to a point where I realized it was necessary for me to move beyond ... click for more

The 2017 Toyota Camry Has a Painful Design Flaw

(That picture is not of a Camry, in case you didn't know. Read on and you'll get it.) I recently ha... click for more