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My body clock is messed up

I have just completed seven twelve and a half hour nightshifts over the last eight days and it has d... click for more

Neal Morse, Spock's Beard Reunite For Two Shows

Spock's Beard is one of the best progressive rock bands of the last 20 years.  In 2001, they we... click for more

Man can not live by GREED alone

How does my garden grow? It takes lots of time and determination to get seeds to germinate and spro... click for more

Resuscitating Persona Paper

A Great Article Site As most of you will know, I have taken over responsibility for PersonaPaper, w... click for more

I can guage my mood by how well or how badly I score at certain types of video games

Diner Dash is a game I play. It is also a game that I have progressively gotten worse at playing. ... click for more

Mindfulness: an eight-week plan for finding peace in a frantic world

I'm reading a Mindfulness book by M. Williams and D Penman and now I will follow a week-by-week... click for more

Yet another dilemma

Let me start by saying that I love my job, however recently my job has become far less about patient... click for more

BBC Good Food Magazine

Good Food is the UK's biggest selling food magazine, packed with triple-tested recipes and practical... click for more

The strike ballots are out

So the Royal College of Nursing is officially asking us if we want to strike! Like any trade union t... click for more

Would you have children at 60 plus?

Would you have children at 60 plus?... click for more

Windows 10 Users - Do you favor Edge over Google Chrome as your default internet web browser?

Windows 10 - Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome I use both browsers. I have Edge as my default browser... click for more

Vacation for Holy Week

Today is Maundy Thursday here in the Philippines.  As of this writing, it is already 10:08PM. &... click for more

Pet Mouse - Never Again!

Two years ago, while living on the third floor of an apartment building, my husband found a little w... click for more

Cute ladybugs

I’m here in our flat and my husband and son have gone for a walk in the Fingal area, where one... click for more


We're finally getting nice weather. Yesterday, it was sunny and warm. Didn't even bother with coats ... click for more

Are you HERE and are you NOW?

Are you HERE and are you NOW?... click for more

If I had been somebody else

Radio 4 programme I was listening to a radio programme, here in the UK, on "in search of spring" ab... click for more

I Want to Finish my MLIS ASAP

Currently, I enrolled 3 units of my Graduate Studies program (Master in Library and Information Scie... click for more

I Need A Wife!

Overworked I do a lot of work online and wish I could do more. One of the coaches on an online trai... click for more

From One Blogger to Another (UPDATE 1)

My post “From One Blogger to Another” (dated 2015) is completely outdated. But I have le... click for more

Dreaming to win a lotto

Although, I am trying to bet in order to fulfill my dream to win a lotto jackpot.  I want to wi... click for more

Update on My Blogging Projects ~ I'm Happy!

Back in January 2016, I published these posts (links below) about BlogJob which should all be ignore... click for more

Welcome to 2017 with Persona Paper

Good Morning and Welcome to 2017 with Persona Paper. I'm Wendy Spickerman, one of the contributing w... click for more

After more than one year, here I am again! (Time flies...)

A lot of time since my last post, a shame! To tell the truth, I had a really busy life during... click for more

New Cultural Site - It has fascinated me

The passion for travel is one of the guilty pleasures, a hobby often annihilated by routine and da... click for more

Growing so fast

I have three healthy kids, 5, 3 1/2, and 2. When my eldest was born, other parents would tell me to ... click for more

Student at Georgia State University wants to form a White Student Union. Bad idea!

Eighteen-year-old Patrick Sharp is only a freshman, but he has already made his mark on Georgia Stat... click for more

Is it ok for a woman to travel alone?

when people heard that I want to travel on my own they called me names: some of them I don't even wa... click for more

Been anxious

I've been kind of anxious the last few days. There's been a lot on mind. If it's not one thing, it's... click for more

Interesting to be Back

So I joined a site called Niume a while back when I heard this site was shutting down (glad to see i... click for more

Do You See the Bunny?

Saturday I was shopping and although it had been raining when I left for the store, by the time I go... click for more

Thursday is national pizza day

Today is Thursday but it is also national pizza day and national bagel day.Bagels and pizza are cons... click for more

My brothers ex friend was arrested.

My brother used to be friends with Matthew Morris but Matthew screwed him over about trying to fix B... click for more

Wolverines Spartans basketball game.

The Michigan Wolverines versus Michigan State Spartans men's basketball game was on nationwide telev... click for more

Having Complex PTSD

I'm sure most people know that PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The "Complex" part ... click for more

The Lamb still lives at Persona Paper

So it appears I am not dead.  I have killed myself/been killed off everywhere else, I do ... click for more

President Pathological Liar

Okay, another kick at the can. I submitted a "piece" last night but realize now it likely got rejec... click for more

Being linked with learning

Being literate means understanding the alphabet, how words are made and linked by words that make se... click for more

Have You Tried Different Sites?

I haven't published post for 1 year and 6 months here. Even before the "shut down" announcement. I t... click for more