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Just a check in.

Hello and Good morning. I haven't been around for awhile so I have no idea what has been going on h... click for more

Love Hummus But Hate Lemon Juice? Try These Alternatives!

Hummus is one of my favorites but I’m not overly fond of lemon juice. Unfortunately, many peop... click for more

Wow, a 20 book collection of Stephen King novels.

I think it's nice that my friend of many many years has decided to just give me his collection of St... click for more

Three Ideas for Displaying Embroidery in Your Home

Embroidery is more than a hobby to pass the time. This form of art is a wonderful way to add visual ... click for more

Musings for Friday, October 14, 2016

Hi there, fellow Persona Paper authors and, yes, Gentle Reader. It's been a quiet Friday here in my ... click for more

Facebook thinks I'm a dodgy character!

NO, REALLY, THEY DO! Some of you will know that I am active on a couple of Facebook Groups which sha... click for more

Musings for Thursday, October 13, 2016

Well, it's another hot day in my part of the Sunshine State. As I write this, the temperature outsid... click for more

Dimethylsulfoxide - DMSO: Curative or Quackery?

During the 1960s and until today, the simple, relative non-toxic chemical solvent DMSO or dimethylsu... click for more


I recently joined and I must say I am enjoying the site very much.   What are Spher... click for more

BRING BACK BOOKS in public education classes.

I was told that students hardly ever bring books to class That makes me feel a little out of touch ... click for more

Hurricane Mathew is approaching the East Coast of the United States with a Fury.

From the Atlantic comes a storm called Mathew, moving North-eastward Traveling over the Red regions... click for more

Did Your Teacher Speak the Truth About Earth's Origin?

Students, especially young ones, quite often take the teachings placed before them at face value. On... click for more

I am off work for 21 days!

So I am now on my two weeks annual leave, which actually amounts to 21 days off work with the way my... click for more

Conservations during Male Violence

Bad Dads make a Girl Mad.   Thinking; looking at the orange-navy-cream-sky. Overhead, once m... click for more

Train Crash New Jersey

One Woman Dead 100+ injured A train came into Hoboken station New Jersey, opposite New York City, a... click for more

Mystery 2 of the Thumbnail Mystery Series: How the Bee Doth Sting

Well, I've started something. I've decided to write technology-related short mysteries - thumbnail m... click for more

Just three shifts to go

I have just three more nightshifts to go until I start my annual leave. It has worked out that I am ... click for more

New site I discovered

Ok since none of us are earning money here anymore and most of us are still looking for somewhere to... click for more

Instant Karma

Have you Ever Noticed? When you criticise someone, even in your thoughts, it often comes back to bi... click for more

Do You Sleep With a Dolly

Dolls have a special place in the heart of my daughter. She is above 18 yet she cannot sleep without... click for more

Musings for Tuesday, September 13, 2016

It's another hot September afternoon here in the Sunshine State. As I write this, the temperature ou... click for more

800 feet and a ton of rubble - motivated?

OK, I exaggerated about the ton of rubble But not about the 800 feet - indoors. We live in a 3-stor... click for more

Yes, we are back in the land of the wifi signal!

OUR TOURING HOLIDAY of Scotland is almost over. By the time we get home tomorrow we will have c... click for more

Getting around

OUR TOURING HOLIDAY of Scotland continues and, thankfully, wifi access in the hotel we are currently... click for more

Labor day pot luck ideas

Hi readers this Monday is Labor day the final day of summer  and I know most of you will  ... click for more


Finally I can say that I was able to do what I am dreaming since I started writing on platforms like... click for more

Violence in the us

Within the last several weeks there have been Police officers being killed for no reason  in Da... click for more

Persona Paper Downtime - Transfer

So I just wanted to let everyone know that Persona Paper will be going down for a little bit at some... click for more

At the Risk of Being possibly Perceived as Paranoid...

One could wonder - has the virus finally taken hold? The one that does not give you a clue that it ... click for more

No One Home

So I went walking around the neighbourhood. Knocking on doors. To say hello. I did not realize - un... click for more

America the Psychotic

Hey folks. I'm sitting here in Canada going to America - okay please let the joke end? I mean, we ha... click for more


I am just wondering since I have been away from personapaper in search of other writing sites to try... click for more

Cards Against Humanity

If you ever wanna get to someone and their humour, this is the game to play. Its dark, dirty, sexual... click for more

Persona Paper Transfer

So its with a heavy heart that I am announcing the final closing out of Persona Paper.  But don... click for more

One year Later

Well, its been almost a year of me being vacant from this wonderful site. And may I just say, I have... click for more

Benefits of Green Tea

The tasty tea is a favorable drink for a large number of people all over the world. Modern rese... click for more