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COVID-19: What Country is WInning the Race to Be Fully Vaccinated?

In the race to get their populations vaccinated, some countries are doing better than others. No cou... click for more

Back To School

April 12th 2021 All schoolchildren can now go back to school from today. One of my granddaughters g... click for more

Too Much Or Too Little

Using Up Leftovers We try not to waste in this house - especially food, so anything leftover from t... click for more

The Lowdown Truth #24: Emerging NWO (Banned by YT)

     Video link: click for more

GUEST POST 5 Thrilling Adventures to Enjoy with Your Family This Spring

Guest Article By Kenneth Reaves  of As the days get longer and the wea... click for more

Guitar Instrumental Pt. 2 (Album: Vol.1)

Video: Originally recorded in late January 2... click for more

Guitar Instrumental Pt. 1 (Album: Vol.1)

Video of song:   First YouTube video (Jan. 2014)... click for more


Covid-19 is still with us. The US has passed the 500,000 milestone for Covid-19 related deaths and n... click for more

My life has changed!

So I am back again I hope. I will see how it goes here again. I was gone a long while because now I ... click for more

Happy 2021 ? Well that will all DEPEND !

I went to the pharmacy and inquired as to when they thought the vaccines would be made available to ... click for more

I wonder why we all popped in?

Firstly, Happy Christmas! I don't know why I got it into my head to pop into Persona Paper this mor... click for more

Farewell, Farewell

This site was one of many for which I wrote articles of varying length and technical or non-technica... click for more

Should I return?

Okay, Hello all Persona Paper members. I joined here way back in 2014. Since then I have left here b... click for more

I Have Gone to the Birds: Reflection in a Canary's Eye

I had a curious notion yesterday. From the web - I believe Pixabay - I downloaded an appealing photo... click for more

My Kind Of Corona

Hi PPers.   Been awhile since I wrote a post here. Figured I'd start with my kind of Corona..... click for more

My poll of the day! Do you like pets? Have you got a pet?

My poll of the day! Do you like pets? Have you got a pet?... click for more

Yet One More Coronavirus Factor

I've penned two other brief Coronavirus pieces, prior to this one, yet using essentially the same gr... click for more

Do You Miss Your Old Friends?

We we're in Bubblews! It was a great family. We we're too many of us. Yet some names just stuck in t... click for more

Idea For A Fourth Back To The Future Movie

Biff Tannen knows that Marty McFly and Doc Brown went back in time. You have to remember that old Bi... click for more

Make Sure To Use Your BS Detector

There are too many lies and half-truths being spread around the internet and the news media itself. ... click for more

How Much Air Time Did She Get

I'll never understand the need to block a freeway in a protest. I know to the people doing it, there... click for more

Reborn! Just Like a Phoenix

Persona paper said that my last post was from 5 years and 5 months ago! LOL such a long time... ... click for more

What is your take on politics

What is your take on politics... click for more

Which Meal of The Day Is Most Important

Which Meal of The Day Is Most Important... click for more

May 2020 ~ Working From Home - Developing a New Skill: Publishing a Newsletter

My last post was only a month ago ~ April 2020 ~ Working From Home is Still a Struggle But Proving t... click for more

Grackles, You Cant Live with 'em - You can't live without 'em - They are a PROTECTED SPECIES

I have been plagued by a small flock of about 7 huge black grackles, which are black crows that have... click for more

Making goals

Today I want to talk about family. Being raised up I was taught that family was important. It is the... click for more


Happiness comes to us in many forms. But what is true happiness. It can be many things to many peopl... click for more

A reason for change

            As I have gotten older I have seem to put away my chil... click for more

DNA: A Fabulous Tool, But Not Infallible

  Over fifty years have passed since the last judicial hanging in the UK. Since then, there ha... click for more

Haven't been here much

I haven't been on Persona Paper much in the last little while. Things are quite busy. My kids are st... click for more

Taco soup

this soup is very good kids will like it too...what you will need pound ground turkey, one o... click for more

April 2020 ~ Working From Home is Still a Struggle But Proving to be Fruitful

My last post in this community is dated February 2018. I had just started my Joie de Vivre Magazine ... click for more

Isolation day 4

Day 4 in the isolation house ……...   Today has been a better day, I had stayed ... click for more