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Have you heard of Steemit?

I tried searching #Steemit posts here but there is none. So, I better post one. I know some of Perso... click for more

My new BiPap Machine seems to be helping with sleeping and is lowering my blood pressure, among other things.

Sleeping with a new BiPap machine for over 30 days now, I realize that I am getting better sleep and... click for more

How Faddish are You? Do You Use Antibacterial Soap?

People are faddish. People are fickle. No matter how good a product may be, if it isn't new and amus... click for more

Do You Play Computer Games? Check It Out!

If you enjoy computer games -- or you would like to try out computer games -- why not visit the webs... click for more

I consider a month not having to see a doctor a blessing.

My day is ruined when I have a doctor's appointment. I have to spend all morning, thinking about an ... click for more

Skeletal Pain and Whatever's Going Around

Here, at least on the East coast of the U.S., there is some sort of cold or flu going around. Now I ... click for more

To Thine Own Self, Be True!

I was told this or I read it in a book or saw it in a movie. "Be true to yourself." - Yet, don't we ... click for more

What I've Been Up To

Hello, everyone, I planned to #write here more consistently but I got busy. Today is my little sis... click for more

Joie de Vivre Magazine

Started a new cultural lifestyle blog last year (2017). Yes! I'm still determined to try to blog and... click for more

Weird Flower (Art Design & Commentary)

Hello again my dear readers, I am back with more to share, I think this piece "speaks for itself... click for more

"Spikes" Art Design & Commentary

Hello, dear readers, This #digitalpainting design was made with #Corel Paintshop Pro x4. It was ... click for more

New Art Design - January 2018

I am back to share another art design that I have created. I promised I would share some of the n... click for more

Fun Art Design from 2017

Hello everybody, This is an art design I made back in 2017.   I used to share my art a... click for more

Hello, It's been A While..

Hello everybody,  I know it has been quite some time since I last posted (almost 3 years).&nbs... click for more

Teachers are demanding a 10% payrise!

Teaching unions in Scotland are demanding a 10% pay rise for their members, this comes just weeks af... click for more

Looking for a new place

Well, my husband and I are looking for a new place. We're renting a three-bedroom two-floor apartmen... click for more

Oddest weather

We're getting such the oddest weather. Last week it was freezing. Thankfully, it's warmed up a bit. ... click for more

A new site I just "discovered"...

I don't know if you will find it interesting... Anyway, here we go! As I teach Spanish online, I was... click for more

Following the Winding Internet Path: Discovering a New Artist with some Interesting Connections

I have a fondness for searching random things on the internet and then just seeing where it leads me... click for more

Spanish vocabulary and expressions: "El perro" (The dog)"

So, today we have the #Spanish word "perro", "#dog", in English. This is a masculine noun, tha... click for more

Giants Of Ireland

Were There Really Giants In Ireland? There are many myths of giants in Ireland, such as that of Fin... click for more

Refllecting on 2017

It's that time of year again where I start getting all reflective thinking back on the year gone pas... click for more

The Tiny Terror And The Elevator

The Tiny Terror On Holiday For the week before Christmas, the tiny terror and her family went on ho... click for more

I'd never have thought this was fake!

AND I NEARLY FELL FOR IT! Like most of us I am aware that it is possible for our online accounts to... click for more

How Much Can Identity Theft Impact Your Life? GUEST POST

Identity Theft In a digitally-connected world, our identity is more public than ever before. Identi... click for more

Anti-Aging haircare?

I received a bottle of shampoo and the matching conditioner from Pantene's anti-aging haircare ... click for more

Romy (2250 Saga) by Nirina Stone Review

Occasionally, you come across a book or a series of books on Goodreads that simply haven't received ... click for more

Foodie Friday and Happy Holidays! Do you like eggnog?

I always celebrate #FoodieFriday at my blog for #foodies and #foodlovers. But since it's the season ... click for more

Rail Fares to Rise Again

It beggars belief, but apparently rail fares are set to rise once more and this time by the largest ... click for more

Cruise your way across Scotland

Motor boating on the Caledonian Canal Want to see Scotland from a different perspective? The Caled... click for more